Discover buying patterns, acquire new customers, and personalize your marketing campaigns

Treasure Data helps customer facing teams across many industries such as automotive, CPG, Retail, Technology and Publishing discover buying signals and unify individual profiles flexibly for unique, personalized customer experiences by translating millions of touchpoints, eliminating complexity, and providing deep, relevant insights into purchasing journeys.

We help you maximize your digital marketing campaigns and advertising for improved business ROI, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and customer experience. Plus, use these customer data insights as our customers have—to rationalize supply chains and even help design new products.

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Faced with uncertainty and customer loyalty challenges, digital marketers are laser-focused on unifying data to maintain customer 360 profiles, map customer journeys, improve campaign performance and build targeted audience segments. If you are an automotive manufacturer, your goal is to convert unknown website visitors to known users, and convert test drivers at the dealerships to car owners. If you are a global publisher, your goal is to reach and engage customers using analysis and accurate targeting so that the right content is being sent. And if you are a CPG that is launching direct-to-consumer business initiatives, your goal is to increase revenue through more subscriptions and events.

Treasure Data provides advanced data management capabilities to resolve customer data complexity and turbocharge your marketing capabilities

How? By unlocking the full potential of customer data, Treasure Data enterprise CDP empowers brands across all industries with rich customer insights so they can deliver personalized customer experiences that grow customer engagement and lifetime value. The CDP’s open and highly configurable platform provides customer intelligence used for advanced use cases in automotive, CRM, eCommerce and Retail, Entertainment/media/publishing, and technology.


Create a Unified View of Every Car Buyer

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Accelerate CPG Digital Transformation

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Connect Retail Experiences to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

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Financial Services

Monetize data, Create New Services, Keep Customers Loyal, and Reduce Risks

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Entertainment, Media & Publishing

Hyper-personalize Experiences to Increase Audiences and Revenues

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Life Sciences

Deliver Personalized Messaging to Healthcare Providers with Precision

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Explore how Treasure Data CDP can help you derive new customer insights.

With the help of our experts and solution partners, we'll help you identify data gaps and guide you to make the right data decisions by extracting the most value out of your data.

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