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Designed to be the most scalable and secure enterprise customer data platform

Treasure Data enterprise CDP is customizable to fit your needs and allows you to benefit from the latest technologies, while eliminating unnecessary marketing and IT spend. Secure by design and infinitely scalable, we enable data integration and ingestion, stream processing and data warehousing. Our 170+ out - of - the - box integrations connect seamlessly with various data sources and applications so you can get up and running quickly.

Ingest 1 million rows/second
Process 30 trillion records/day
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 SOC 2 Type 2
Treasure Data enterprise CDP delivers a comprehensive solution for unifying, analyzing and activating data, with capabilities including:

  • Handle structured and unstructured data at petabyte scale
  • Manage complex and customizable customer data sets and data models
  • Streaming, real-time and bulk data capture from mobile, web and database sources
  • Integration with every major SaaS B2B and B2C application
  • Identity resolution, unification and cleansing for customer profiles and activity data
  • Audience building, segmentation, syndication and activation for continuous, closed-loop marketing
  • Analytics, reporting and predictive capabilities

Treasure Data enterprise CDP delivers a comprehensive solution for unifying, analyzing and activating data


Unify all your raw data

Treasure Data’s easy – to – use SDKs let you collect data from anywhere, ranging from web and mobile analytics, to CRM and BI, to storage and databases, as well as the most popular containers like Docker and Kubernetes.

Forget about writing custom scripts to hit fragile API endpoints. Now you can pull data from cloud services with a few clicks.

You’ll never have to deal with schema management or database scaling again so you can spend your time actually running your business.

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Cloud Data Management

Manage data from varied sources without support from corporate IT

Treasure Data enterprise CDP lets you bring your entire body of first -, second – and third – party data together in one place. Schema – less ingestion allows you to collect raw, event-level data while conforming to schema changes made at the data source, letting you capture data even as definitions change over time.

Access and analyze customer behavior, industry trends, and rapidly changing markets, with up – to – date data from numerous sources so you can make critical decisions with confidence.

Our enterprise – grade cloud infrastructure allows you to benefit from the latest technologies, scale as needed, and eliminate unnecessary marketing and IT spending.

Treasure Data Enterprise Customer Data Platform Diagram


Build repeatable, end – to – end data pipelines on Treasure Data

Create workflows to run efficient queries against your customer data and schedule and manage complex tasks that feed into audience identification, profiling and tracking.

Integrate with your organization’s data, run SQL analysis across that data regardless of scale and then create repeatable insight by saving queries that disseminate data.

Treasure Data Workflow UI leverages state – of – the – art security practices across the board. Data is transferred securely across systems and encrypted at rest in Treasure Data storage.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Treasure Data leverages the latest artificial intelligence technology by bringing together a number of machine learning algorithms to make data actionable at scale.

Identify brand advocates, accurately predict buying behaviors, detect customers likely to churn and deliver relevant recommendations to enhance your 1:1 customer and prospect relationships.

Treasure Data Machine Learning is based on Apache Hivemall, a scalable machine learning library that runs on Apache Hive.

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