Elevate Customer Experiences with a Unified Batch and Real-Time CDP

Consumers expect a unified experience when engaging with different departments of your brand. To achieve that experience in real time, it is critical for the entire business to communicate with one another and be aware of every touchpoint with every customer.

Treasure Data Real-Time 2.0 represents a first-of-its-kind approach by integrating our historic batch-based CDP and the very best of the real-time low-latency decisioning capabilities required to personalize customer engagement across marketing, service, and sales

The promise of a single real-time platform, unifying real-time interactions with historical batch data, is only available from Treasure Data.

Increase Marketing Efficiency
Increase Marketing Efficiency

Orchestrate campaigns at the exact right time (no need to wait for batch), increasing revenue while reducing marketing costs.

Unify Journeys to Create a Uniform Experience
Unify Journeys to Boost Conversion

Unify journeys to create a uniform experience for your customers across devices, channels and sessions and increase conversion rates and upsells.

BolsterCustomer Trust & Loyalty
Bolster Customer Lifetime Value

Establish a reputation for being communicative, accessible, and understanding in a timely manner leading to more repeat customers and increased lifetime value.

Watch an Introduction to Our Real-Time 2.0 CDP

Video: Watch an introduction to our Real-Time 2.0 CDP

Key Features: Real-Time 2.0

Treasure Data Real-Time 2.0 CDP combines the best of both batch and real-time processing. It offers Real-Time ID Unification, Triggering, and Personalization capabilities with millisecond-level response times, enabling you to cater to today’s fast-paced consumer behaviors.

Real-Time ID Unification

Real-Time ID Unification

Identify “known” users and enrich their profile with attributes related to their customer profile in real time. Unify all digital and physical customer interactions through flexible identity resolution to create consistent experiences across devices, channels, and sessions.

Real-Time Triggers

Real-Time Triggers

Gain the capability to listen for and process all customer-generated streaming events across channels. This allows you to respond to customers in real time with triggered activations to personalize the customer experience and drive greater conversion on any other channel.

Real-Time Triggers
Real-Time Personalization

Real-Time Personalization

Access and respond to customer-generated streaming events in real-time. By sending data in real time to a customer channel like your website, you can provide a personalized experience for known or anonymous users.

Get Ready for Real-Time 2.0

Get Ready for Treasure Data

Real-Time and batch integrated with the Treasure Data platform speeds up how you engage with your customers. Stand up your Real-Time 2.0 solution with our trusted experts.

Our professional services team has deep expertise in identity resolution and creating impactful customer journeys and can help marketing and operations teams configure a self-managed solution. Our highly attentive technical support staff is always on hand whenever you need assistance.

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