Utilize AI and Machine Learning to Drive Business Value

Boost revenue and marketing efficiency with improved customer experiences enabled by our AI-powered CDP.

We infuse AI and machine learning across our platform, from profile stitching to auto-segmentation and targeting, to enable customer-centric teams to do more with less using the power of AI.

We make machine learning available to a wide variety of users, from marketers to analysts and data scientists, so that all teams can leverage AI built from a golden customer record.

Accelerate AI Development
Accelerate AI Development

AI and machine learning is only as good as the data behind it. With clean customer data in our CDP, you can skip 95% of the journey to AI development.

Faster Time To Insight
Faster Time to Insight

Treasure Data automates most of the modeling tasks necessary to develop and deploy machine learning models, empowering marketers to utilize complex models in their day-to-day tasks.

Right Customer, Right Channel
Right Customer, Right Channel

Access more than 20 pre-built machine learning models within our CDP, such as Next Best Action and RFM, that can predict customer behaviors to improve targeting and engagement.

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AI Your Way

When it comes to AI, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our solutions cover every requirement for business and technical users:

Out-of-the-Box ML Models

Marketers without AI expertise can utilize any of the 20+ pre-built machine learning models, including the ability to predict profile behavior, such as who is likely to churn, purchase, click, or convert in the near future.

Data Workbench

Our data workbench systems and frameworks enable analysts and data scientists to extract data from a Treasure Data database and process it using machine learning algorithms. This allows users to run advanced machine learning for sales forecasting and scoring customers for marketing without having to program machine learning libraries.

Low-code Automated ML

The perfect middle ground for both technical and marketing users, offering solutions ranging from segment generation with natural language automation to integrated AutoML frameworks with pre-configured solution notebooks.

Custom Scripting

For data scientists that want to develop or bring their own models, Treasure Data offers a custom scripting capability so that models can be adopted and executed within the platform.

AI Your WayAI Your Way

AI Solutions Deeply Embedded in Treasure Data CDP

Machine Learning-Driven Segmentation and Targeting

Machine Learning-Driven Segmentation and Targeting

Save time and resources by allowing your organization to graphically define and utilize more than 20 high-performing machine learning models to power insight-driven journeys at scale.

Visualization of AI Performance

Visualization of AI Performance

With your customer data as the foundation of your machine learning, you can improve customer experiences and quantify and optimize the success of each customer segmentation and journey.

Visualization of AI Performance
AI-Enhanced Segmentation and Journey Orchestration

AI-Enhanced Segmentation and Journey Orchestration

Dynamically group your customers together via AI-generated attributes available to marketers. By automating segment creation, you can optimize the value that you get from your customer data by utilizing AI attributes in customer journeys.

Generative AI in the CDP

Generative AI in the CDP

Our reimagined user interface will enable marketers to chat with their CDP to build segments and journeys rapidly, and deliver analytics in chat-like form.

Treasure Data is currently looking for design partners to support the creation and testing of this feature. Be a design partner.

Generative AI in the CDP

Augment Your AI-Powered CDP with Managed Professional Services

Get Ready for Treasure Data

Our professional services team has deep expertise in AI, machine learning, and data science to help marketing and operations teams configure a self-managed solution, or provide additional custom models that meet your business challenges and budget. Our highly attentive technical support staff is always on hand whenever you need assistance.

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