Below are the most popular integrations customers use with Treasure Data. Click the link to learn more about the input and output integration between those providers. If you don’t see the data pipeline integration you are looking for, check out the integration catalogue for all options.

FTPTableau ServerFTP input » Tableau outputZendeskTableau ServerZendesk input » Tableau outputMongo DBJupyterMongo DB input » Jupyter outputKafkaTableau ServerKafka input » Tableau outputExcelElastic SearchExcel input » Elasticsearch outputAndroidElastic SearchAndroid input » Elasticsearch outputKafkaAmazon RedshiftKafka input » Redshift outputAmazon S3Tableau ServerAmazon S3 input » Tableau outputDockerQlikviewDocker input » Qlikview outputMongo DBDomoMongo DB input » Domo outputKafkaQlikviewKafka input » Qlikview outputMixpanelTableau ServerMixpanel input » Tableau outputKafkaMongo DBKafka input » Mongo DB outputKafkaPandasKafka input » Pandas outputPostgre SQLJupyterPostgre SQL input » Jupyter outputiOSElastic SearchiOS input » Elasticsearch outputPostgre SQLElastic SearchPostgre SQL input » Elasticsearch outputAppsflyerTableau ServerFlurry input » Tableau outputAmplitudeLookerAmplitude input » Looker outputSalesforceRedashSalesforce input » Redash outputKeen IOAmazon RedshiftKeen IO input » Redshift outputKafkaJupyterKafka input » Jupyter outputGoogle Tag ManagerTableau ServerGoogle Tag Manager input » Tableau outputKafkaAmazon S3Kafka input » Amazon S3 outputZendeskElastic SearchZendesk input » Elasticsearch outputKiss MetricsTableau ServerKiss Metrics input » Tableau outputAmplitudeMailchimpAmplitude input » Mailchimp outputGoogle AnalyticsRedashGoogle Analytics input » Redash outputExcelRedashExcel input » Redash outputSegmentDomoSegment input » Domo outputWebhooksTableau ServerWebhooks input » Tableau output Keen IOTableau ServerKeen IO input » Tableau outputLocalyticsMailchimpLocalytics input » Mailchimp outputFluentdMySQLFluentd input » MySQL outputKafkaFTPKafka input » FTP outputKafkaZoomdataKafka input » Zoomdata outputAmazon S3ElasticsearchAmazon S3 input » Eslasticsearch outputDockerTableau ServerDocker input » Tableau outputWebhooksMySQLWebhooks input » MySQL outputFlurryAmazon RedshiftFlurry input » Redshift outputGoogle AdwordsMySQLGoogle Adwords input » MySQL outputFlurryGoogle AdwordsFlurry input » Google Adwords outputKeen IOMySQLKeen IO input » MySQL outputAmazon S3JupyterAmazon S3 input » Jupyter outputMongo DBElasticsearchMongo DB input » Elasticsearch outputZendeskDomoZendesk input » Domo outputMongo DBAmazon RedshiftMongo DB input » Redshift outputGoogle Tag ManagerMailchimpGoogle Tag Manager input » Mailchimp outputKafkaMySQLKafka input » MySQL outputKeen IOMongo DBKeen IO input » Mongo DB outputWebhooksLookerWebhooks input » Looker outputOmnitureAmazon RedshiftOmniture input » Redshift outputGoogle Tag ManagerEloquaGoogle Tag Manager input » Eloqua outputGoogle Tag ManagerElasticsearchGoogle Tag Manager input » Elasticsearch outputAppboyTableau ServerAppboy input » Tableau outputGoogle AnalyticsEloquaGoogle Analytics input » Eloqua outputFTPElasticsearchFTP input » Elasticsearch outputFTPMailchimpFTP input » Mailchimp outputPostgre SQLZoomdataPostgre SQL input » Zoomdata outputSalesforce Marketing CloudFTPSalesforce Marketing Cloud input » FTP outputMarketoAmazon RedshiftMarketo input » Redshift outputWebhooksAmazon RedshiftWebhooks input » Redshift outputGoogle AdwordsElasticsearchGoogle Adwords input » Elasticsearch outputMongo DBRedashMongo DB input » Redash outputSalesforce Marketing CloudAmazon RedshiftSalesforce Marketing Cloud input » Redshift outputSegmentRedashSegment input » Redash outputLocalyticsTableau ServerLocalytics input » Tableau outputKeen IOAmazon RedshiftKeen IO input » Mode outputGoogle Tag ManagerAmazon RedshiftGoogle Tag Manager input » Redshift outputMongo DBLookerMongo DB input » Looker outputZendeskRedashZendesk input » Redash outputXBeeMySQLXBee input » MySQL outputGoogle AdwordsEloquaGoogle Adwords input » Eloqua outputFTPJupyterFTP input »  Jupyter outputKeen IOElasticsearchKeen IO input » Elasticsearch output