Optimize in-game performance and the end-user experience

Whether it’s raw event-level data, log files, game development data, microtransaction/eCommerce records, payment or other real-time data, Treasure Data enterprise CDP can unify and analyze all your data so you can personalize the player experience across platforms, devices and applications.

Treasure Data’s platform is proven to handle major worldwide launches when data volume can jump by orders of magnitude. With Treasure Data’s elastic storage and compute power, you can focus on analytics and product development without worrying about data infrastructure and management.

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How did a gaming giant save $15 million on advertising?

  • By deploying Treasure Data Customer Cloud Data to integrate marketing data from multiple studios, this gaming company now has enriched, unified customer profiles.
  • With this data, the company’s marketing team can now create customer segments more effectively to enhance their targeting strategies.

Leveling Up Its Marketing Game

This global developer of interactive entertainment has multiple studios publishing 50 brands designed for a variety of platforms. Its products are available through different channels including physical stores, digital downloads, online platforms, and cloud streaming services.

Since deploying Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud, this gaming company has realized massive marketing efficiencies, including:

  • $15M advertisement savings in first year of implementation
  • 79% improvement in match rate for lookalike audiences with Google ads
  • 20% reduction in duplicate profiles
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See what Treasure Data enterprise CDP can do for you

Unify player data/behaviors

Link vast amounts of user data/behaviors for unprecedented insights to improve player retention and monetization.

VR or Live video gaming

Ideal for live gaming; enterprise - grade means you’re no longer limited by scale, storage capacity or data type/access.

Prioritize new features

Better understand user preferences in order to prioritize new features or services; test pricing strategies.

Real-time segmentation

Gain the ability to hyper - target the 20% of players who generate 80% of your sales.

Trusted and secure

Enterprise - class security protects your data with encryption at rest and in motion; control permissions and access to data.

Simple and self - managed

Ingest user data from any data source to any output destination without the need for specialized IT staff.

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