CDPs polish Shiseido’s picture-perfect profits

Stunning sales

Shiseido applies Treasure Data to make up beautiful marketing

Knowing customer preferences drives deeper engagement.
Shiseido, the fifth largest maker of cosmetics in the world, added a digital component to their customer loyalty program, pivotal to their customer communications and branding strategy for 80 years. Using Treasure Data’s enterprise customer data platform (CDP), Shiseido delivers personalized messaging as consumers browse catalogs, order products, search for store locations and receive expert advice and product recommendations.

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Not only did Shiseido reach their goal of delivering a personalized customer experience, they also increased revenue and grew their business. Modeling customer preferences drove:


In-store revenue increase per loyalty program member


Overall company revenue increase


growth in net income YOY


Shiseido endeavored to offer truly personalized, one-to-one customer experiences via their loyalty app. To do this, data was needed to replace assumptions about customer behavior. But when Shiseido audited their dozens of customer touchpoints, they found many disparate sources of customer data. All these data sources had to be joined together with a common customer ID.
Centralizing their own data was the first concern and unifying third-party data from a number of data management platforms (DMPs) followed. In addition, Shiseido’s existing extract, transform and load (ETL) process that fueled their data warehouse could not keep up with the dynamic nature of marketing data. Shiseido demanded that the new data management solution perform at scale.


Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP unified Shiseido’s 80 years of collected data and enriched it with demographic, historical and online customer interactions. Connecting all this data delighted Shiseido with an unprecedented wealth of customer information and insight that they utilized to drive deeper engagement. As an added benefit, Shiseido discovered that Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP greatly reduced the need for engineering time and gave the marketing team more control over their data.

By accurately assessing each customer’s preference and correlating this analysis with customer behavior, Shiseido designs communications that better suit customers’ preferences. In order to deliver this personalized customer experience, Shiseido creates models for customer segments based on four types of data:

Demographic: Who is the customer?

Brand loyalty: How much does the customer like our brand?

Channel: What paths does the customer take to buy products?

Interests: What is the customer interested in?

“Treasure Data fundamentally changed how we communicate with our customers. Blasting emails won’t delight a customer. Detecting a mood swing and changing the tone of push notifications does.”

Kenji Yoshimoto, Chief Analyst for Direct Marketing

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