Growing in-store revenue with CDP savvy

Muji's CDP Mojo

Muji grows in-store revenue with digital savvy

Customers save and Muji wins with personalized promotions.
Muji, a global retailer known for sustainable products and packaging, planned to grow beyond its 650+ store locations. When they discovered that website visitors most often browsed for products to later buy in a physical store, Muji developed a mobile app in order to build more intimate customer relationships, enhance in-store experiences and improve customer lifetime value (CLTV).

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Treasure Data helped Muji collect and process more than 8 million web and mobile events per day and analyze more than 3 billion transactions per year. Over a two year period, Muji exceeded objectives:


increase in in-store revenue


increase in coupon redemptions


million web and mobile events collected and processed per day


Muji, like most retailers, ran online and social campaigns, but struggled to improve sales and generate steady foot traffic to physical stores. Merging the physical and digital experiences posed a significant challenge. In addition, they were unable to transfer data and perform data analysis of online traffic in time to make a relevant recommendation to the in-store customer.
Unfortunately, a lack of engineering support kept them from building the scale and performance needed to capture clickstream data from their mobile app and join it with their existing web and point of sale (POS) and other customer data.


Using Treasure Data’s enterprise customer data platform (CDP), Muji combined online browsing data and in-store purchase history to get a complete customer profile. By joining real-time store inventory data, they executed on data-driven incentives such as personalized coupons and timely, well-targeted in-app push notifications. Treasure Data provided a dynamic, scalable way to acquire and aggregate the fast-moving data streams. A Treasure Data professional services partner integrated the custom mobile app without the need for engineering resources from Muji.

In addition Muji leveraged Treasure Data’s machine learning capabilities for location-aware promotions. Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP enabled unique personalization algorithms and marketing segmentation syndication that further connected the digital and offline customer journey for an enhanced customer experience.

Boosted coupon redemptions by 100% using highly-targeted promotions in their loyalty app

Saw higher volumes of in-store foot traffic

Saved millions of dollars by eliminating the need to print flyers

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